Standing With Single Moms

I was approached the other day by a single mom who is concerned with the lack of affordable housing and good paying jobs. She relocated from the Midwest believing Charlotte would be a better place to raise her two children after her husband’s sudden death.  

As I watched the tears well up in her eyes, I just kept thinking we have such an incredible opportunity ahead of us to really make this great city work for ALL Charlotteans.  

We need a Senator who will reflect Charlotte’s values – common sense, hard work, and looking out for our neighbors.

I believe we need a Senator who will work to lift up all our neighborhoods; who will fight for affordable housing; and focus on results – not rhetoric.

As your Senator, I will fight for a new era of public-private partnerships that bridge our neighborhoods with our local businesses and organizations. Together, we can foster a new era for our city’s future.

Thank you for your generosity and your loyal support.