Filing for Re-Election

North Carolina Senate

Today, I am excited to announce I will be filing to run for re-election in the North Carolina State Senate.  I have had the honor and privilege of representing the citizens in District 38 for the past six years, and God willing, I look forward to serving another term.

These are interesting times in our Democracy.  Every day we wake up to unsettling news on a national and international scale, and although our country is going through an unprecedented Constitutional crisis, I want you to know that I am listening and working hard to protect North Carolinians on the state and local levels. 

  • Together, we fought to Raise the Age, ending the unjust prosecution of 16 and 17 year-olds as adults in our court system.  
  • Together, we fought for and successfully secured state funding for the Renaissance West Initiative that rejuvenated the Boulevard Homes area and increased the economic mobility of residents.
  • Together, we continue to fight against legislative and judicial gerrymandering to make sure that our voting districts and courts remain free from political interference.

And today, I’m on the front lines once again using the experience I’ve gained as your State Senator to stand up and fight relentlessly for the needs of our people.

No matter the circumstances before us, I remain committed to ending the divisive rhetoric of politicians today which threatens the foundation of our democracy.  We must bring balance back to the legislature, and in my heart of hearts, I know that progress for Democrats in the statehouse depends on our leaders’ competencies in civil discourse and debate.  

I am excited about the work we’ve already accomplished, and now more than ever, I need your gifts and talents as we move into our best future.  Can I count on you to give your time as a volunteer or join us with a contribution to our campaign? Every contribution helps us keep the momentum building behind the Blue Wave of 2018 and helps us restore the balance we so need in the General Assembly.

Honored to be Your Senator,

Joel Ford