Economic Development/Jobs

As a founder of several small businesses as well as experience working for a national corporation, Joel takes a common-sense approach to North Carolina economic development.

Economic Incentives

We are fortunate that North Carolina is one of the most sought-after states for new and relocating businesses. We need to be able to stay competitive for these businesses by offering incentives, but shouldn’t do so to our own detriment. That’s why Joel knows that just as important as the incentives are the safeguards that protect our state if the new or relocating business doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Simply stated, he supports incentives, but also supports them having enough “teeth” that penalties can be levied if needed.


One of Joel’s largest goals is to advance bipartisan efforts to reform our outdated tax code. We need to reduce the rate, expand the base and close the loopholes to make our tax system more equitable and efficient.


The quality of education, from K-12 to community colleges to universities, is critical to a healthy economy. It is one of the top factors in attracting and retaining businesses. That’s why Joel places such a premium on education. Learn more here.


Whether it’s moving people or moving products, businesses must have reliable transportation and infrastructure to make their bottom lines healthy. Learn more about Joel’s views on transportation/infrastructure here.

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As an entrepreneur Joel knows economic incentives, education and transportation/infrastructure are just part of the equation when recruiting and retaining businesses to North Carolina. He also places a premium on qualified workers, efficient public safety and criminal justice systems, protected natural resources, vibrant cultural and recreational offerings. Without them, North Carolina can’t continue to attract – and land – more business.